Game Convention 2008 kicks off in Leipzig

Show in 7th year

Games Convention 2008 has started in the eastern German city of Leipzig. The show is in it's 7th year and will play host to over 547 exhibitors spread over 115,000 square metres. This is up massively from 12,500 square meters last year.

Several themed areas are in presence to give everyone a bit of what they want - ranging from a business centre, "GC Beach Club" with quads and a real beach (I forgot my speedos - Ed), a Developers Village for discussing z-buffering issues, "Level 1 - Learning to Play" for families, and a gaming art exhibition. Extensive.

Apparently walking distances have been improved this year, ensuring pale gamers won't have to exert themselves moving their overworked thumbs between stands.

The interesting sounding Video Games Live concert will be playing out this evening featuring music from Halo, Final Fantasy and Tomb Raider. This audio-fest will be produced by a synphony orchestra conducted by Jack Wall, 21 year old US pianist Martin Leung and a "powerful" choir. Lasers and actors playing game characters will feature too, we're told. Geek overload? Possibly.

When that's all over the "GC Freestyle - Gamer Camp" will provide camping facilities with DJs, sports and most importantly free wifi. This is based at the festival ground near Leipzig's main stadium.

Rumours of a move to Frankfurt next year haven't been addressed by any of the organisers yet, but rest assured that we'll be asking questions if only so that we don't get on the wrong train in a years time.

Needless to say that we're on the show floor and will be reporting live for the next few days, or until our laptop keyboards give in.

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