ECTS 2003: Video round-up

The videos from the show so far for your perusal...

Here's our round-up of the various new pieces of video media emerging from ECTS in London, which kicks-off with Atari's Terminator 3: War of the Machines (PC), and features plenty of in-game footage from this team-based FPS in which you can choose to play as either the human resistence or the evil machines. Next up is Novalogic's Joint Ops (PC), another action title, whose in-game footage is once again demonstrated in this video. Then there's Spells of Gold (PC), footage of which features in the video and demonstrates the game's role-playing/trading game ethic.

Finally, there's Lord of the Rings: War of the Rings (PC), videos for which exemplify both the good and evil sides of Vivendi's game, and all in all looks like a potential RTS hit.

E3 Trailer