E3 – What To Look Out For Part Two


Of course, Microsoft and Sony aren't the only folks to kick off E3 with a massive press conference and EA and Ubisoft always bring a good show to rival the platform-holders.

This year should be exceptionally interesting as the next-gen hardware specs are set in stone now and developers are just starting to wring the kind of performance we were expecting from the PS4 and Xbox One when they launched last November.

EA E3 – What To Look Out For Part Two

EA's press conference will be crammed with headliners. Dragon Age: Inquisition is nearing completion so expect them to make a big dea out of it. Visceral's prematurely revealed Battlefield: Hardline will also take centre stage.

Star Wars will also be a big deal for EA this year. We wouldn't expect Visceral's Amy Hennig-helmed game to make anything more than a brief appearance but expect DICE to take the chance to show off what they've managed to do with Star Wars: Battlefront.

Sports will also be big as they continue to try and revive the NBA Live franchise after last year's misfire. NHL and PGA Tour are also coming to next-gen consoles this year so expect a fairly big song and dance about them as well as the usual suspects FIFA and Madden.

Ubisoft E3 – What To Look Out For Part Two

Ubisoft always has one big surprise up their sleeves although the main rumours are over what they are doing with the Assassin's Creed franchise. Unity will play a big part but there is also the rumoured current-gen title that is going by the name of Comet.

Far Cry 4 will play a part too as they aim to capitalise on the success of Far Cry 3 to help grow the franchise. The Crew is still aiming for a 2014 release and with it's heavy focus on online multiplayer Ubisoft will be trying to show what the game is truly capable of in order to try and overshadow the Uplay issues that plagued the launch of Watch Dogs last week.

They will digress into Just Dance and possibly Rocksmith for a while before showing off a new build of The Division. Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six have been AWOL and we wouldn't count out a big return for at least one of these franchises.

The Others E3 – What To Look Out For Part Two

And so we get into the other publishers and developers who don't go in for the big E3 media briefings like the five mentioned above.

Bethesda has to be the most interesting of all despite seemingly only having one new game to unveil. Pete Hines has already ruled out Fallout 4 which probably won't be announced until Christmas time if the do announce it this year. Our money is on them unveiling either Dishonored 2, which would be a surefire winner, or DOOM 4 which they have already offered beta access to without any mention of a release window.

Deep Silver also seem to have something up their sleeves with two unveilings on the cards. They won big in securing Saints Row and Metro from the THQ fire sale and will also be publishing Crytek's Homefront: The Revolution. We reckon the smart money is on them unveiling a next-gen Saints Row title.

Last up in our round-up is Square Enix. They could very well have a strong line-up this year. There's three reveals on the cards for them and with both Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III in development for next-gen consoles fans will be eager to see both titles. Hitman won't be there but there is the possibility that they'll give a first look at the new Deus Ex title which should over shadow Eidos Montreal's disappointing Thief reboot from earlier this year. E3 – What To Look Out For Part Two

Make no mistake, this will be an interesting E3 especially if some of our predictions on what will be revealed by the likes of Bethesda and Deep Silver come true. Watch this space for our live coverage of E3 next week.