Inside Evolve's Hunters Part Two

Turtle Rock serves up another volley of Hunters to track down Evolve's beasts

We take a look a the four new Hunters that Turtle Rock has added to the roster for their upcoming multiplayer monster-hunting shooter Evolve.

Evolve was already looking like a pretty interesting concept. Four hunters pitting their collective wits against a savage and constantly evolving alien beast in a battle to the death is an idea that just feels like it works especially when it's combined with the power of next-gen consoles.

And Turtle Rock seems to have done it justice based on what they've already shown off. However, they're not quite finished adding depth to the concept and they've just revealed four new alternative hunters, one in each class to add a bit of tactical diversity to the gameplay. Inside Evolve's Hunters Part Two

First up is Maggie the new Trapper character Maggie. Maggie has a few different abilities to the other Trapper, Griffin, which add some different dimensions to the gameplay. She has a new pet Daisy who can hunt down the monster as opposed to Griffin who uses mines to track the monster's movement.

She also has Harpoon Traps as opposed to Griffin's Harpoon Gun which can be used to corale the monster either to protect team-mates or cut off the monster's escape route.

Having a pet and Harpoon Traps at her disposal makes Maggie a more mobile character than Griffin is overall with his Harpoon Gun and Arena Trap.

Inside Evolve's Hunters Part Two

Next up is the new Medic Lazarus. As his name would suggest, Lazarus has the ability to instantly revive downed team-mates which makes him a much more dangerous threat than the other Medic Val.

To help counteract this attention that Lazarus will draw from the monster he has the ability to cloak and remain concealed until finding the right moment to jump in and revive a downed team-mate.

It will take a more cagey player to operate using Lazarus but when mastered he will be come a dangerously effective Medic to have on the team although, he'll be less likely to get stuck in that Val.

Inside Evolve's Hunters Part Two

Hyde is the new Assault class character. While Markov is a more measured character with his Lightning Gun and Arc Mines, Hyde is 100 percent in your face with a Chaingun and a Flamethrower.

He's also a pretty in-your-face type of character as his cheeky Londoner persona suggests.

He's an intensely potent destructive force for the Hunters but he's most effective when he gets up close to make full use of his ability to quickly switch between his two main weapons. He also has gas grenades that can be used to flush out the monster from cover especially if the monster player has taken to hiding in caves.

Inside Evolve's Hunters Part Two

The final addition is the new Support character Bucket. He's an English robot and is much more offensive than Hank is. He has Sentry Guns at his disposal allowing him to help the team catch the monster in a deadly cross-fire.

Bucket also has the ability to remove his own head and use it as a scouting drone to search for and tag the monster on the map making it easier for the Hunters to track him down and destroy him.

This array of new Hunter characters adds an extra layer tactical depth to the game and offers players a real chance to find their niche as part of a team.

Evolve was already looking to be a fairly mouthwatering proposition for multiplayer fans looking for something new to sink their teeth into and Turtle Rock seems to be going all out to really open up and explore this new four versus one format that they've created for the game.

Evolve is in development on PC, PS4 and Xbox One and is due out world wide on October tthe 21st.