Halloween Horrors

Here's a handful of horror titles to get the blood flowing this Halloween

Well, Halloween is almost here so we thought what better way to celebrate than to lock the doors, turn out the lights and pick your way through a fine, atmospheric horror game?

Here we'll pick a handful of exceptional horror titles that will make your flesh crawl on Thursday night.

Resident Evil 2 Halloween Horrors

The Resident Evil series gained much of it's original charm from the obscure fixed camera angles, It was as mcuh about what you couldn't see as it was about the walking cadavers with no other aim than to eat your flesh.

Resident Evil 2 managed expand on the success of Resident Evil by adding an extra little twist. With two characters, Clare Redfield and Leon Kennedy players had a choice of who to follow through the game. Complete the game as one character and this opened up a completely different single player campaign for the second character. Whether you chose the rookie STARS cop or the lost girl desperately trying to find her missin brother the story remained compelling from start to finish.

Until Resident Evil 4 came along this was by far the finest game in the series. Alas with Resident Evil 4 the series lost some of its scare factor with the over-the-shoulder camera and so Resident Evil 2 remains possibly one of the scariest video games of all times.

Silent Hill Halloween Horrors

While Resident Evil went down the path of a zombie outbreak to induce the horror factor Silent Hill chose a much more subtle approach.

The monsters and sequences in each Silent Hill game were a construct of the main character's broken psyche which made for some interesting and terrifying results.The main draw of the series was that Marie Celeste feel of Silent Hill. The whole town is practically empty and bathed in fog creating an atmosphere like no other.

This was helped along by the brilliant sound design of Akira Yamaoka whose atmospheric and mimimalist approach to scoring Silent Hill made the series as terrifying as it is. The best way to describe Silent Hill is heatbreakingly terrifying. It's definitely a prime option for Halloween entertainment.

The Walking Dead: Season One Halloween Horrors

This may be a zombie game on the surface but it is a story about people right to its very heart.

Instead of working on a series based on the TV show, Telltale went back to the critically acclaimed comic book series that inspired the TV show penned by Robert Kirkman. The comics are infinitely more haunting and Telltale has created a series that capture the humanity of Kirkman's writing perfectly.

Every decision that you make, everything you say has an effect on how the story pans out and by the end of Episode Five you will have a deep connection with each character and you will have felt the loss if one of them dies as a result of your actions. It is a must-play for any gamer interested in well-crafted stories and a definite pick as a top Halloween experience.

Deadly Premonition Halloween Horrors

This is the Marmite of video game horror. Hidetaka 'Swery65' Suehiro has managed to create a unique horror-adventure game that is loved and hated in equal measure.

Deadly Premonition follows the strange FBI agent Francis York Morgan as he investigates a brutal murder in the sleepy town of Greenvale. It's a tense and slightly trippy experience as the open world of the Greenvale melts in and out of normality as you explore it. This atmosphere is aided by Agent York's conversations with the mysterious 'Zach' and seemingly absent throughout the game.

This is the closest gamers will probably get to experiencing a video gamer version of David Lynch's mind-bending thriller Twin Peaks. Deadly Premonition is a unique experience and probably one of the highlights of this console generation.

Metro 2033 Halloween Horrors

Part post-apocalyptic FPS, part survival horror 4A Games' take on Dmitry Gluhkovsky's popular sci-fi novel of the same name is one of the unsung heroes of this generation.

It's claustrophobic atmosphere and relentless darkness is not only a reminder of what could be but it's a refreshingly different take on the post-apocalyptic genre looking at thing s from the other side of the Iron Curtain.

Arytom's journey through the ruins of Moscovite civilisation is haunting in its entirety. The horror's lurking in the depths of the Moscow underground are every bit as terrifying as the visions that come to Artyom as he crosses the irratiated surface streets.

It's another unique experience that is carried over in spades to the sequel Metro: Last Light. While this year's sequel may have had more success, helped along by a beautiful game engine, Metro 2033 remains a classic example of how to blend FPS and horror into one sublime experience.